Process Post 9; Copyright

This week, we discussed copyright and the importance behind it. This is a topic that I never fully understood but always tried my best to make sure I was citing all my sources in my school work. Unfortunately, you can always find me on Purdue OWL or the SFU Citation Help website.

Looking back, one of the major differences for me between high school and post secondary was the importance of citing your work whether it is an idea, sentence, photo, etc. I remember every class that I took in first year, at least one whole class was dedicated to drilling in the importance of citations and how to do it.

In high school, we were taught simple concepts such as acknowledging where you got the idea from, but from my experience, never was I deducted marks for wrongful citations or in fact, not citing at all. When I got to university, the professors were very adamant that failing to cite any source in any part of your work results in plagiarism and dishonest academia. I think this was daunting for many as in high school, there were never any crazy consequences. At most, it would be a ‘warning’ or a meeting with the teacher after class, but nothing serious compared to university.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, the reason to why some acts of plagiarism happens is that we were never really taught or prepared to do it. Sure the first class of your first year is dedicated to this topic but by that time, many of us may have already committed plagiarism and feel as if it is normal to do so as we have never suffered any consequences against our academics or marks. I think it would have definitely been helpful in having an overview before entering university. Many schools have mandatory sessions that a student must complete in order to graduate such as workshops focused on resumes and cover letters. I believe that a workshop focused on not only how but the importance of citations can be a great asset to have when entering post secondary, a daunting and exciting chapter of our lives.

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