Process Post 8; Updates

Last night, new Covid-19 rules were introduced and came into place. Until November 23, we are told to refrain from having any gatherings of any sort with people outside your immediate household. This includes gathering indoor, outdoor, in restaurants/bars, etc. However school is still occurring which has confused a lot of people. Covid has been making me quite anxious recently so I hope we can lower the cases soon.

I have also been playing a lot of Among Us which is a multiplayer game for up to 10 people. It is quite similar to Mafia in where there are 1-3 ‘killers’ and the ‘crewmates’ have to figure out who it is. In this course, we discussed interactions with strangers which correlate to this game as you may get a chance to play and connect with a stranger online! This game is a great way to pass time and test your friends’ honesty and loyalty. I have recently been guilty of playing for multiple hours each day but my defence is that it is a great way to connect with friends especially during this stay at home period!

In terms of this course, I am focussing on keeping up with the posts and assignments each week. I am also trying to make my blog more attention grabbing and have been browsing through my peers’ blogs for inspiration.

November is the month that I have all my term papers due which stresses me out quite a bit but I hope to still be able to keep up in this class. I am so glad this class is somewhat my stress reliever as blogging about my day or telling a story is a great feeling after a stressful day of assignments or exams. Especially with online classes!

For now, that should be it but I hope to update again soon!

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