Process Post 6; Audience

Imagining an audience is quite difficult during this pandemic as everything is online and many of us may be hesitant to turn on our cameras for lecture. I for sure am one of them who take the advantage of online school to get some extra sleep rather than taking the time to look presentable in time for class.

Nevertheless, the audience that I would probably imagine visiting my blog would mainly be my peers. When thinking of my designs for the blog, I tried my best to make it easily navigable as I myself am not the smartest when it comes to programming and website building. I made sure that it would be easy to navigate and look through without too much going on to prevent overwhelming the audience. Another tactic that I used is to see if my parents were able to easily guide themselves through without any guidance.

When it comes to the content of posts, I try my best to always start off with a quick and brief description of what the topic of the post will come out to be. I believe that it helps the reader/audience to get a broad idea of what they are reading into in the case that they are not familiar with the topic of my blog.

Ultimately, I try to keep it as simple as possible as I am still learning and guiding myself through wordpress and building a blog.

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