Process Post 4; The Last Hour

For week 4, we weren’t given a specific process post prompt so I decided to focus on a question that was brought up during lecture. The question was: “what would you do if you only had one hour left to access the internet?”.

In my opinion, most of us don’t really realize how much we rely on the internet throughout our daily lives. From quick communication messages to using it for long periods of time for school or entertainment purposes, it gives us access to a lot of freedom. Without the internet, many of us wouldn’t be able to work our jobs or complete our education especially during this pandemic where most of our lives have been moved online.

If I had one hour left, I believe the first thing I would do is get the phone numbers and addresses of my closest friends and people that I frequently keep in touch with. I would probably download google maps and my Spotify playlists. But this would just be the impulsive actions I would take while panicking.

To be honest, I don’t think I could live without the internet. I was born into a generation that relies on and utilizes the internet so heavily and we often don’t have permanent alternatives to offline modes of our activities that we do each day.

Although I don’t have a solid answer for this, I hope to be able to navigate alternatives that could work in the coming weeks…

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