Process Post 10; $$$$

This week, we focused on the topic of advertising and revenue. I was always fascinated by how people made money off the internet. The first time I found was when one of my best friends signed up for Google Ads for her Tumblr account. over the summer, she made well over $1000 and I was shocked by how that was possible from sitting on your computer all day.

It is interesting how many connections are involved in one ad click and where the money is dispersed. Some people may not be in favour of this idea where as, some may love it and use it to their advantage. I guess it depends on what perspective you are looking at it from. From a seller’s point of view, it must feel nice to make money just by someone clicking on a link in where some clicks may even be accidental. However, from a consumers perspective, I understand some may be bitter or petty that someone gained money from their actions online.

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