Process Post 2; Installation & Setup

I was never good with computers and obviously not an expert in the field of website building.

The theme I chose for this blog is simple and minimalistic yet eye catching enough to grab attention. There was a lot of Google-ing and YouTube-ing involved in putting everything together as well as emails to the TA (Jaiden).

Nevertheless, I think I’ve finally grasped the core concepts and this is what is it today. I still have a long way to go in terms of learning how to make it appealing and inserting links to other platforms, but I will eventually get there.

One of the readings that I found appealing and helpful this week was “The Web We Need to Give to Students” by Audrey Watters, in which Watters (2015) describes the advantages of students having their own digital space. It creates a space for them to “express themselves in a variety of ways beyond the traditional pen-and-paper…” (Watters, 2015).

Watters (2015) also mentions that a personal space online for individuals such as a blog or social media account can help track and showcase growth and achievements. This can help in reflections and improvements later on in the future. This is also one of the main reasons to my decisions on what to make my blog about this semester; Reflection!

For now, this is what it is but come back soon to see the improvements and advancements I hope to be making soon!

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