Peer Review 3

This third and final peer review of the semester will be on Justine’s blog which can be found here!

This blog focusses on Justine’s mood throughout the semester and in my opinion, this blog is perfect for teenagers or young adults who are figuring out their path of life which may be stressful and scary. Justine’s blog posts on her daily moods help in relating to others who may be having the same stressful and angry feelings. In fact, I was actually in quite a bad mood, forcing myself to finish this assignment, and when I realized I was Justine’s partner for this review, it was quite ironic and my mood quickly disappeared.

When you first enter the site, you are greeted with a photo of a match stick being lit which is a great symbolization of how our moods as young adolescents tend to be sparked by minor inconveniences. Most of the blog has a theme of fire to it and I enjoy the fact that it is a reoccurring theme to remind the reader that moods can have different levels and can switch up fast just like any fire. This podcast by PodAcademy, aims to discuss our digital footprint we leave, referring to them as ‘digital breadcrumbs’. In my opinion, this blog content can be referred to as Justine’s digital breadcrumbs! Each post about her mood is a ‘crumb’ of a moment in her life which can be viewed and shared by anyone who has internet access.

One thing I love is the amount of visuals in this blog that sit in and blend in nicely with the content. On the Home page, each rant is categorized and accommodated with a small visual that relates to the post. This stuck out to me and I fell in love with the designs of each object. Another great thing that stuck out to me is the ‘essential arguments’ page which contain links on how to control anger, why we are angry, etc. I would think that this blog is most suited for teenagers and young adolescents so a page like that is definitely helpful for individuals who are under a lot of stress and are trying to navigate their way through life.

In terms of monetization, I believe that there is potential. Ads related to stress relief products or fitness classes can be used and may gain a few clicks from an extremely stressed person looking for any solution out there.

This blog ultimately is a great idea and I wish I thought of something like this in order to get my anger out. Something like this is definitely helpful as it acts almost like a diary to write down feelings and get some anger out rather than other actions that may lead to consequences.

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