Peer Review 2

For this peer review, I will be going over Cortney’s blog called Covid Cooking with Cortney! Her blog can be found here!

The first thing I noticed about this blog is that it is personal but also has a very comforting feeling to it, allowing for the visitors to relate and feel connected to the content. I love the fact that she is documenting her highs and lows of her life during this pandemic which is similar to what I am doing.


The way that she has laid out all the aspects of this blog is organized and easy to navigate. I like how her home page describes the blog and creates an introduction for what the visitor is about to experience.

Her PUB 101 content is also organized simply and easy to find.

Design and Layout + Social Media Integration

The design and theme of this blog is simple yet inviting and is easy to navigate. The one thing that stood out to me and i really enjoyed was the fact that a small preview of her “about this site” page was always in the side bar for easy access. That way, anywhere that the visitor goes, they can always refer back to the origin and reasons behind each post. Another thing that I like and may implement for my blog would be the small picture under her social media links.

Typography + Content

The one thing that I loved while reading through each blog post is that not only is it a personal story but reading it felt as if I was talking to Cortney as a friend. She talks about her daily life and simple stuff which I relate to such as loving the idea of staying out with friends or the alarm clock being our worst enemy in the mornings. She doesn’t try to post only the good events which I appreciate and is not afraid to blog about a bad day or ways to improve her lifestyle! One more thing that I think is a nice touch to any post is the incorporations of quotes 🙂

The post that I enjoyed the most can be found here! I am never the first one to suggest exercise as a fun activity but reading the five reasons made me think that if I could take a bit of my day to incorporate running to better my mood or day, why not try it out?


Overall, this lifestyle blog has so much potential and is a blog I would consider revisiting when I need some motivation in life! One suggestion I want to make is to maybe bold or italicize important parts of a blog post. This can help the reader grasp the general idea behind a post that you’re making and it can help build more connections in my opinion!

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