Peer Review 1!

For the first peer review this semester, I will be reviewing Keely Rammage-Scott’s blog!

This blog focuses on performing arts and musical theatre and is run by Keely who has extensive experience in the industry, from being a performer on stage to someone who works behind the scenes to make sure each show runs smoothly. It is updated 1-3 times a week and consists of personal posts as well as information on the behind the scenes of how theatre plays are put together. It has a simple yet eye catching theme which helps to not draw too much attention away from the content. It is also very organized with an about page and categories for each post such as blog posts and academic posts with sub categories under that.

One suggestion that I would like to give is to add some visuals to your posts or around your home page of the blog. For example, you could put some silhouettes of dancers or performers around your side bar or even incorporate them into your posts!

As for the development of online self, I believe that Keely has done a great job in expressing her love for performing arts and showing the progression that she has made to become the online self she is today. One thing that surprised me was that she used to overthink her online actions as I would never think a performer who loves the stage and performing could be shy or overthink their actions. She also did a great job in incorporating class material and mentioning topics such as minimizing authority in the treatment of users on social media platforms. I enjoyed the link she provided us with of her favourite show, Hadestown. Although I have never really shown interest in musical theatre, after watching this, I found myself clicking on related videos under it. It was great to read a review from a point of a view of a person with such a strong passion and I was able to watch it from a different perspective that I would have never been able to if I did not read her blog post. If anything, I would have never even clicked on a musical theatre video on YouTube on my own!

Overall, this blog has a lot of potential and the discussions and posts made about theatre and performing arts are intriguing even to someone like me who has never shown interest or have had any experience in that field. It would be really interesting to hear about the history of this industry and how it has become what it is today. I think that would be great to add in the “About” page or even a separate post for individuals who visit your blog to get a brief background to be able to understand and engage more in your future posts and information you have planned! 🙂


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