Unexpected Encounter

This week at work was filled with happiness. I encountered a family who I’ve seen quite often dine with us on Sunday evenings. I never got to really know them and although I know what they order each week, I still ask “what can I get for you all today?”. The response is always: “one miso ramen and one shoyu ramen with extra noodles”, followed by a few appetizers.

Shoyu (soy sauce) Ramen
Miso Ramen

This past Sunday, they came a little later than usual, so I made a small joke saying “hey, late dinner today?”. The dad responded: “yes, it’s been a long day and I was contemplating if I wanted to drive this far out…”. I asked: “oh? you guys don’t live around here?” as I always assumed they lived in the neighbourhood. Turns out, they live all the way in Burnaby and make the drive all the way down to Steveston just so they can support our business. That made my week and filled my heart with happiness to know that someone would put so much time of their day to support a local/small business.

I rang in their order, got them settled into their table and then soon after, brought over their food. At the end of the meal, their daughter usually gets a matcha and vanilla swirled ice cream so I had that ready for when they were going to leave. But this day, the dad came up and said “I want to buy you guys drinks, anything in particular you guys like?”. I didn’t know how to respond so my tired and awkward self spilled out: “pardon? you want to buy a drink to go?”. He chuckled and said “no of course not, you guys deserve a drink after working during these times”.

Although it was considered a small gesture from him, it brought a lot of joy to everyone who was working that day, and we happily enjoyed a drink after our shift. They left right at our closing time and we ended our encounters with “see you next week!”. These small moments where individuals go out of their way to support us means a lot and have a bigger impact than anyone realizes. I love these encounters and connections I am able to make with people and is one of the reasons to what motivates me to not dread long work days.

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