Online Hate

This week, we discussed the issues around online hate. I am very grateful that I have not experienced much online hate towards myself online.

When thinking about this topic, one event came into mind which was the incident which took place in 2018 where a Vancouver restaurant was under fire for a whole rat found in a bowl of soup served to a customer! I have heard many opinions about this incident. Some say it was set up, where a worker may have been unhappy with the boss/owners and sabotaged the business. Some say the customer themselves set it up in order to ruin the company. This could have been plotted in hopes of online hate towards the restaurant or certain individuals involved in this business. Still, no one really knows the truth but unfortunately, the establishment has closed down due to lack of business after news broke out.

The article by Maria Konnikova, explains how online hate comments can not only influence the opinions of others but as well as psychologically and mentally. In fact, after reading the news about the rat in the bowl of soup, I was hesitant to return to the restaurant to eat despite all the opinions on whether the kitchen was actually unsanitary or it was plotted against them. I was in fact influenced by comments online from others.

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