Don’t Believe Everything!

During week 7 of this course, we focused on the topic of the number of fake news rising and how reliable news/information can be properly obtained. Media manipulation was a topic we covered in which people’s opinions and beliefs can be manipulated based on the content they view and consume online.

I found this topic to be very relatable as many times I have read bad reviews on an establishment but it ended up being good! However, there has also been times where reviews have been amazing but the experience ended up being disappointing. There are so many platforms that we can see reviews of establishments such as Google, OpenTable, Yelp, etc.

One thing that I love is the raw reviews on individual Instagram accounts which are dedicated to reviewing food. I find that reading those reviews often give a better insight on what to expect and may even give you a chance to connect with the person directly! Another reason that I believe these personal social media accounts are better is because I find that many individuals will often only leave a review if they have either had a horrific and terrible experience or an amazing and memorable experience. Rarely will we see and will we ever do ourselves, review every place we have had a meal at. Whereas, these accounts dedicated to food will review almost everything, giving an insightful and truthful review.

This is not to turn against anyone who uses these review platforms as I myself will use it time to time but in the recent years, I have found myself going over and trusting food based social media accounts more!

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