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As the Covid-19 situation begins or worsen in the province of BC, many restaurants are once again, turning to delivery services to generate income to stay afloat. From UberEats, Skipthedishes, DoorDash, Fantuan, etc., there are so many choices but which one is the best?

UberEats is one that most people think of first when they want to order delivery. They often have deals and free delivery over a certain amount of orders and are often very reliable with good customer service. 5/5

Skipthedishes is one that has been around for quite a long time but I find that the delivery fees are very high no matter how much your order total is. There is also less variety of restaurants so I don’t use it that often. 3/5

DoorDash was a platform I used to heavily use before UberEats came about in Vancouver. Again, the delivery fees are moderately high but is a little better than Skipthedishes as it offers deals from time to time. 3/5

Fantuan is a platform that I have had the worst experience with. The delivery is by km so sometimes deliveries can be as high as $20 which is insane! The prices are also jacked up around 20%-30%. Every time I have called customer service, I have to contact them at least 1 or 2 times after again as they never fix the issue initially. I have even had them hang up on me as I asked for someone who speaks English as they are a Chinese based company and many workers speak little English. I have also heard that people have been charged multiple times on their orders but cannot get a refund as customer service has been no help. 0/5

TIP: In order to support such establishments, if it is possible, try your best to order directly from the restaurant as many of these services charge the restaurants anywhere from 20%-35% commission from each order.

What is your most preferred food delivery platform?

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