Peer Reviews

Peer Reviews, PUB 101

Peer Review 3

This third and final peer review of the semester will be on Justine’s blog which can be found here! This blog focusses on Justine’s mood throughout the semester and in my opinion, this blog is perfect for teenagers or young adults who are figuring out their path of life which may be stressful and scary. […]

Peer Reviews, PUB 101

Peer Review 2

For this peer review, I will be going over Cortney’s blog called Covid Cooking with Cortney! Her blog can be found here! The first thing I noticed about this blog is that it is personal but also has a very comforting feeling to it, allowing for the visitors to relate and feel connected to the […]

Peer Reviews, PUB 101

Peer Review 1!

For the first peer review this semester, I will be reviewing Keely Rammage-Scott’s blog! This blog focuses on performing arts and musical theatre and is run by Keely who has extensive experience in the industry, from being a performer on stage to someone who works behind the scenes to make sure each show runs smoothly. […]