PUB 101

Process Posts, PUB 101

Process Post 7; Design Reflection

For the second peer review, Cortney gave me a detailed and constructive review which I really appreciate! The review can be found here! Cortney suggested that I implement images around my website or incorporate a logo which is something I never attempted to do so as I was unfamiliar with the process of navigating through […]

Process Posts, PUB 101

Process Post 6; Audience

Imagining an audience is quite difficult during this pandemic as everything is online and many of us may be hesitant to turn on our cameras for lecture. I for sure am one of them who take the advantage of online school to get some extra sleep rather than taking the time to look presentable in […]

Peer Reviews, PUB 101

Peer Review 2

For this peer review, I will be going over Cortney’s blog called Covid Cooking with Cortney! Her blog can be found here! The first thing I noticed about this blog is that it is personal but also has a very comforting feeling to it, allowing for the visitors to relate and feel connected to the […]

Process Posts, PUB 101

Process Post 5; Peer Review Response

When I read the review from Keely Rammage Scott, it was very helpful and insightful to see what I have been missing. It can be found here! I appreciate the feedback and am excited to implement changes to make it the best of my abilities! She mentioned that the drop down bars for posts and […]

Process Posts, PUB 101

Process Post 4; The Last Hour

For week 4, we weren’t given a specific process post prompt so I decided to focus on a question that was brought up during lecture. The question was: “what would you do if you only had one hour left to access the internet?”. In my opinion, most of us don’t really realize how much we […]

Mini Assignments, PUB 101

Mini Assignment 3; Visual Story

I firmly believe that food is a huge factor in what helps us build connections amongst everyone around the world, no matter where you are. I found that these two videos are great explanations behind this belief. Citations: National Geographic. [screen name]. 2014, November 14. How Food Connects Us | National Geographic. . YouTube. […]

Essays, PUB 101

Essay One

The Democratic Side of Social Media Social media platforms today are democratic spaces which allow people to connect and share their ideas and opinions as well as a place for others to learn and discover. This space on the internet has been constantly used since it was created but when platforms such as Google, Facebook […]

Peer Reviews, PUB 101

Peer Review 1!

For the first peer review this semester, I will be reviewing Keely Rammage-Scott’s blog! This blog focuses on performing arts and musical theatre and is run by Keely who has extensive experience in the industry, from being a performer on stage to someone who works behind the scenes to make sure each show runs smoothly. […]