Mini Assignments

Mini Assignments, PUB 101

Mini Assignment 6; GIF

I have never made a GIF before so I had to do some research when doing this assignment. I decided to compile some food I had on my last trip to Taiwan and Japan before the pandemic hit. Here are the steps to how I made my first GIF: found a few clips of food […]

Mini Assignments, PUB 101

Mini Assignment 5; Infographic

This week, we were asked to make an infographic that represents our presence online. I have never made an infographic nor do I have the skills to design and create stuff digitally. I usually leave that stuff up to my best friend. BUT… This week I had no choice but to step out of my […]

Mini Assignments, PUB 101

Mini Assignment 3; Visual Story

I firmly believe that food is a huge factor in what helps us build connections amongst everyone around the world, no matter where you are. I found that these two videos are great explanations behind this belief. Citations: National Geographic. [screen name]. 2014, November 14. How Food Connects Us | National Geographic. . YouTube. […]