PUB 101

Essays, PUB 101

Essay Two

I always wanted to have a blog or some form of documentation in my life but I never knew how. PUB 101 was also a class that I have been wanting to take for a few semesters but I was never able to get in due to the popularity and waitlist that this course withholds. […]

Process Posts, PUB 101

Process Post 11; Transmedia

Although this blog focuses mainly on food and restaurant business, I think there can still be a lot of opportunities for transmedia to be incorporated! When going through this week’s lecture and readings, I realized how much more content I could create with this blog. This blog post talks about how Pokemon has grew from […]

Process Posts, PUB 101

Process Post 10; $$$$

This week, we focused on the topic of advertising and revenue. I was always fascinated by how people made money off the internet. The first time I found was when one of my best friends signed up for Google Ads for her Tumblr account. over the summer, she made well over $1000 and I was […]

Mini Assignments, PUB 101

Mini Assignment 6; GIF

I have never made a GIF before so I had to do some research when doing this assignment. I decided to compile some food I had on my last trip to Taiwan and Japan before the pandemic hit. Here are the steps to how I made my first GIF: found a few clips of food […]

Peer Reviews, PUB 101

Peer Review 3

This third and final peer review of the semester will be on Justine’s blog which can be found here! This blog focusses on Justine’s mood throughout the semester and in my opinion, this blog is perfect for teenagers or young adults who are figuring out their path of life which may be stressful and scary. […]

Process Posts, PUB 101

Process Post 9; Copyright

This week, we discussed copyright and the importance behind it. This is a topic that I never fully understood but always tried my best to make sure I was citing all my sources in my school work. Unfortunately, you can always find me on Purdue OWL or the SFU Citation Help website. Looking back, one […]

Mini Assignments, PUB 101

Mini Assignment 5; Infographic

This week, we were asked to make an infographic that represents our presence online. I have never made an infographic nor do I have the skills to design and create stuff digitally. I usually leave that stuff up to my best friend. BUT… This week I had no choice but to step out of my […]

Process Posts, PUB 101

Process Post 8; Updates

Last night, new Covid-19 rules were introduced and came into place. Until November 23, we are told to refrain from having any gatherings of any sort with people outside your immediate household. This includes gathering indoor, outdoor, in restaurants/bars, etc. However school is still occurring which has confused a lot of people. Covid has been […]