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Newest Addition!

One of our newest addition is our Beyond Meat Gyozas! Eating plant based has become quickly popular and almost a trend in Vancouver these days. I personally am not vegan or vegetarian but I’ve been to plant based restaurants and have been surprised with how delicious the dishes are! These gyozas consist of plant based […]

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Bento Time!

If you don’t know what a bento is, it is basically a Japanese lunch box with sections of different foods to eat with rice or noodles. This bento is called the “Gyu-Meshi Bento”, translating to “Beef Stew Bento”. This is one of my favourites as the beef stew is my mom’s recipe and she makes […]

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Love It or Hate It

In my experience, seafood is a category of food that people either love or hate and this dish is one that definitely fits that category. It’s called the Uni Ikura Bamboo Box. Translates to Sea Urchin Salmon Roe on top of a bed of sushi rice, topped with shredded egg and wrapped in bamboo leaves. […]

Essays, PUB 101

Essay Two

I always wanted to have a blog or some form of documentation in my life but I never knew how. PUB 101 was also a class that I have been wanting to take for a few semesters but I was never able to get in due to the popularity and waitlist that this course withholds. […]

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Delivery Services

As the Covid-19 situation begins or worsen in the province of BC, many restaurants are once again, turning to delivery services to generate income to stay afloat. From UberEats, Skipthedishes, DoorDash, Fantuan, etc., there are so many choices but which one is the best? UberEats is one that most people think of first when they […]

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Online Hate

This week, we discussed the issues around online hate. I am very grateful that I have not experienced much online hate towards myself online. When thinking about this topic, one event came into mind which was the incident which took place in 2018 where a Vancouver restaurant was under fire for a whole rat found […]

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Not a Dish!

Within the next week, we are trying to wrap up renovations so that we can hopefully re-open by the first week of December! I’m so excited to get back to work and spend by days by the Steveston Water and watch the sunset. Anyway, I thought this wall we had was super cute and eye […]

Process Posts, PUB 101

Process Post 11; Transmedia

Although this blog focuses mainly on food and restaurant business, I think there can still be a lot of opportunities for transmedia to be incorporated! When going through this week’s lecture and readings, I realized how much more content I could create with this blog. This blog post talks about how Pokemon has grew from […]

Process Posts, PUB 101

Process Post 10; $$$$

This week, we focused on the topic of advertising and revenue. I was always fascinated by how people made money off the internet. The first time I found was when one of my best friends signed up for Google Ads for her Tumblr account. over the summer, she made well over $1000 and I was […]